Week 1, Day 2

We hopped across town to OESH, the local shoe design shop and factory where women (and men with smaller feet) can find shoes that reduce the forces of walking and running on the knees and hips. Ann Mallek has been wearing them for over a year and has seen dramatic improvement in her knee and hip comfort. Dr. Casey Kerrigan is an MD and biomedical researcher, and the inventor. She learned in her years of research that knee forces are not assisted by the standard cushions in running shoes. She designed a dramatically different shoe with a carbon fiber insert to absorb some of the impact yet provide beneficial feedback to the joints.

Ask your kids about physics, a water cutter which cuts carbon fibers underwater, how the spring supports are made out of carbon fibers wrapped around a steel mandril, and the computer programmed milling machine. Dr. Kerrigan is bringing manufacturing back to Virginia, one pair of shoes at a time.